Speech Less

 Hatey Katie Winsit has done it again. I was watching Sky News when they announced she’d won the screenwriters guild award for best supporting actress.

As she climbed to the podium for her thankyou speech  I had one leg hooked over the back of the sofa ready to go into hiding when she said, “I am lost for words”. 

WELL said Kate.

2 comments to Speech Less

  • Debbie Mohess

    Hi Annamay – it’s your number one fan here.
    I’ve had so many blogs to catch up on (very productive lunch hour!)

    I just hope that Kate practises her Oscar acceptance speech (just case she wins) because I don’t another blub-fest from her would be acceptable.

    She’s had two awards ceremonies to get used to standing alone on stage….

  • Anna May

    What did you think of how she lovied up to Leonardo de Wife Pincher ?