On a Wing and a Prayer

It’s 2am in the morning and I am too wired to sleep thinking about the plane that took a dive into the Hudson river. Inaugurate the pilot Captain Chesley Sullenburg the third, never mind Obama.

As a scaredy baby flier I have only recently started to travel by air again, after two decades of hiding out on ferries, cars and trains.

 I got bored with myself so felt the fear and did it anyway. Strapped and stuffed ( my, those seats have definitely gotten smaller over the years) into my chair of doom I was clutching a litre of Rescue Remedy and a stack of Tena Ladies Extra Plus and I survived.

The plane that thought it was a cruise ship has taught me a huge lesson. I will never again plug my fingers with my ears and sing ‘Amazing Grace’ whilst the stewards demonstrate how to lifejacket up. Listen and live is my new aviation catchphrase.

I have this romantic notion that every one of the 155 passengers and crew on that aircraft were saved to do something wonderful for the world. Don’t let me down y’all.

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  • Julie Pereira

    The scary image of the plane gliding on to the Hudson was amazing and “Sully”, the brave captain, looked so unruffled. I can’t work out why Americans always display their middle name as an initial (other Barack Hussein Obama) and Chesley H. is no exception. I was trying to see if he was sitting next to Michelle O. at the White House earlier as he should have been. If I’d got hold of Barack who I know has been a tad busy, I’ve had told him to ditch Joe and have Sully as he deputy dawg instead.