Love is Magic

I was in bed last night reading the BBC book Britains favourite poems and I came across these lines from W.B Yeat’s poem When You Are Old, 

‘But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you

And loved the sorrows of your changing face ‘

They made me weep so loudly that I woke up my husband and then set the burglar alarm off going to get tissues for my squirting eyes and drippy nose.

It also brought to mind Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.  A pair that I have never really thought about before, and would previously have filed under ‘A’ for absurd. But this week Paul Daniels sprang to his wife’s defence after some unflattering paparazzi shots of  her in a bikini got splashed over the tabloids. He went on the attack saying that his Debbie had a better bod than Madonna and to prove it provided some family snaps of Debbie in close up..

What she looked like doesn’t matter. He believes she is gorgeous beyond words, and she doesn’t care that he wears socks on the beach.

It’s wonderful that Mr and Mrs Daniels , unfashionable though they might be, can define true love so sweetly. And Keats, of course.

1 comment to Love is Magic

  • Julie Pereira

    I want to know why Debbie McGee was on all fours on their hotel balcony having her photo taken? Perhaps she’d lost her contact lens or was doing Pilates but I don’t think so. Very odd. As for her hubby – at least he co-ordinated his shoes & socks with his sunhat and shorts.