Kate Winsit

Yes she’s a brilliant actress but when she’s playing herself Kate Winslet makes my ‘fake alert’ antennae wobble vigorously.

Watching her gush all over her Globes last night and generally behave like she’s just saved the entire planet from an imminent wipe-out meteor strike I felt  a) uncharitable, b) unpatriotic and c) insulted by all her loveyall,sob sob, goo.

Whilst I’m busy being negative I’ll move on to Kiera Knightley. She would win any gurning competition she entered but gawd don’t you think pretentious should be her middle name ? And as for Kristen Scott-Thomas…….

I like a bit of, well, likeability. Renee Zwellweger has it,  and Nicole Kidman (even with platypus lips), Ann Marie Duff, Susan Sarandon and Marisa Tomei have all got it. Posh hasn’t but Scary, Posh and Baby do. Fearne Cotton’s got none and Holly Willoughby’s gotalot. Mariella Frostrup has TONS.

Any nominations of your own ?

4 comments to Kate Winsit

  • Debbie Mohess

    Kate Winslet had me fooled until she started declaring her undying love to Leo with her hubby sitting right next to him – I sooo wished that the camera panned out that moment so that we could see hubby’s face….

    Likeability – Sandra Bullock.

    Not sure if this counts but Fearne Cotton and Andy Peters should win an award for having absolutely no chemistry on the Red Carpet – never been so bored in all my life…

  • admin

    Go Sandra ! She’s got it for sure. And Cameron Diaz.

    As for Fearne and her little brother Andy, they were a gruesome twosome alright. I felt their fear and they did it anyway. Fearne Cotton’s face always reminds me of a spacehopper, the orange ones.

  • Debbie Mohess

    Oh, the poor spacehopper for being likened to Fearne.

  • Julie Pereira

    Don’t forget that some of the Hollywood boys also have “it”! Gorgeous George does but Brad is a no-no.

    As for Andy Peters on the red carpet – I like him normally but he looked so uncomfortable and didn’t smile once – also they managed to interview hardly anyon which was a feat in itself! I could have so done a better job interviewing the celebs.