It’s been announced today that I have won The Guardian’s Mary Stott Prize 2008. I entered in September and was so convinced that I had more chance of winning Miss Universe than a national writing award, that I didn’t even keep a copy of my entry. So I’ve managed to win and lose. I’ve had to contact The Guardian to ask them to send me a copy of my own piece ! My New Year’s resolution is BELIEVE, and be much better at filing and administration.

Winning feels like Christmases and birthdays all rolled into one; with some of the thrill of watching Hairspray on stage, added in with a dash of the happiness I felt when  Doug and Hathaway finally got it together in ER.

Yes, that good.

Happy Christmas and joy, joy joy and love and piste from me until I’m back from skiing XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  • Also won a writing competition—with the Times.This was a joint effort with the publishers Little, Brown.What did you get for your entry?Here is my critique, which won the prize:Body Surfing:Shreve’s drama is a polished performance of nuanced social observation, ersatz romance and cloying tragedy.Part-way through the narrative, sydney Sklar, like me, is left reeling from an unexpected blow. Unnervingly philosophical about her fate. A simple, beautiful sentence like “a lobster making its new shell”, then a moment later Shreve produces a miniature symphony of word-strangeness:aesthetically subverting.And she brings in paragrams the secret metonymic chain—–with a beautifully constructed referential mode…..and the co-presence of intra textual movements, finally reaches a synthesis.She understands that the world is co-terminous with the logic of her beautiful and captivating prose.”
    And for this effort, I was invited to have lunch with Anita Shreve–at the Haymarket Hotel.But speaking to the runners up, was the highlight of the day.Dons from Oxford, and Writers of distinction were invited to this venue.You too could have been there Anna.Do keep in touch.Brian

  • Anna May

    Well done Brian – you were a worthy winner and what a memorable prize !

  • Linda C

    I’m not surprised at all to hear you’ve won a writing prize. I love reading your blog. I make a point of grabbing a cup of tea and taking ten mins out at work to read the latest entry. I work in open plan so some discretion is expected but my co-workers have become used to be screeching with laughter.

    Well done to you Anna. Keep on writing, I think lots of other prizes are going to follow.

  • Moya

    I do believe I can hear ” Booker Prize” being sung by a celestial hoston high!!!!! Can you hear them ? Well done Anna- May.

  • Linda L

    Dear Anna, Love your blog. Just wanted to congratulate you on your writing successes and say ‘hi’. You may remember that we ‘worked’ together at I**. (Think that might be an oxymoron!) Saw your article in MOS and did what any self respecting computer literate adult does these days and ‘googled’ you (enclyclo what…?) and found you.
    Do you remember the tortured phrase, ‘Some days every thing seems to conspire to harrass one’? The trips over the bridge to the vegetarian soup kitchen and the company chiropodist who expected some clients (you) to assume a strange position! Best of all, that super red cord pram! I followed your parsimonious example and scoured ‘local’ ads until I found a bargain ‘Silver Cross’ that did the other two in style! Wishing you continued success, Love Linda x

  • Brilliant news, really delighted about the prize. here’s the next one!

  • I should have said “Here’s to the next one!”

    Must learn to type!

  • admin

    I got all excited there- I thought I’d won summat again x