Strictly Sinnita

NO ! I spent over £20 in telephone calls voting for Gary Rhodes on Saturday night but I must have been alone in my fervour because he ended up the bottom two, and now he is gone forever.

He jived like an amnesiac having a tantrum and I thought his partner Karen Hardy looked unashamedly relieved  when he got the heave ho.  She is now free to start her formal complaint against the BBC for pairing her up with a guy who was all ego and no rhythm.

 This week rigor mortis had set in from Gary’s belly button up, which made his jive a joke. But a brilliant one. I laughed so much the tears ran down my legs.

 Now Gary’s gone I am seriously considering resuming my social life on a Saturday night and going cold turkey on Strictly. X Factor doesn’t compare although I did see a snatch of Sinnita on Saturday’s show and was very intrigued by what she wasn’t wearing.  In case you didn’t see it she was relaxing in heels and a swimsuit (a la Miss World contestant circa 1966) with an ‘I look really, really good don’t I ?’ expression on her face throughout the show. Maybe, just maybe, she’s daft and vain enough to replace Gary in my heart. I’ll guess I’ll have to keep watching to help me decide.

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  • Hi Anna, I’m glad to see the blog is going well, it’s a terrific read. Please don’t give up on the Strictly commentary, I’m a devoted fan. Wasn’t Karen’s face a picture when Gary suggested she gave him private ballroom lessons! It was confused terror.

    Keep it up