I’ve just done my first ever TV interview about the book. It was on BBC London News. My mother-in-law  called first to congratulate me with the words “I’ve just seen you on the telly. I thought I was having a nightmare!”

So did I. The car taking me to the studio was late and my piece was first in their running order. The floor manager didn’t even tell me his name before he plunged his hands straight into my bosooms and then down the waistband of my trousers to affix the mike and power pack.

I fear I may have looked like Hagrid sitting next to the sweet and petite Riz, and I had just enought time to warn parents that crime doesn’t pay and say that my book is on sale now.

I was hoping Riz would ask me what I thought about Strictly Come Dancing but suddenly I was over and out of there. AAAh!

4 comments to ON AIR

  • Julie Pereira

    I thought you sounded very serious and knowlegeable as you filled about 6 million tea time homes. I think you should find out when Claudia Winkleman is having a night off from her Strictly show so you can stand in for her as you’d be good at chatting to the dancers. She moves about too much for me when she’s speaking – I think she has piles.

  • I found your appearance on BBC London News on 21/10/08 at 6.30pm quite interesting.

    You spoke about a book being published. Could you please let me know the title.

    Being a parent, I am keen in getting my daughter into a good school and would like some information which would assist me in doing that.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • admin

    Hello Jenny, thanks for your message.
    My book talks about getting teenagers into university, specifically medical school so it’s probably not for you and your child – just yet !
    Good Luck with your schools applications, Anna May