Strictly Stamping

…and as for John Sergeant and his Russian bride last week ? A lot of stamping and bell boy style smouldering from jaunty John, but sadly notalotapaso. He looked like he could give good ice and a slice, though.

Keep him in for the jive and remember Kristina is innocent !

Wind in the Willies

I’ve been on my holidays. I flew from London to Cork and back again and Rescue Remedy, that herbal helper for the heebie geebies, is still coursing through my veins. On the outward flight I did away with the sissy little dropper and sploshed it straight into my mouth for faster results. I was in […]

Our Hice

My husband hides in his garage – A LOT. It’s a place where a man can be a man, play his tin whistle and stroke his bicycles in peace. I ignore the chaos, the crunching underfoot and the rat traps in there and bring tea and biscuits as required – doing my heroic best to […]


I’ve just done my first ever TV interview about the book. It was on BBC London News. My mother-in-law called first to congratulate me with the words “I’ve just seen you on the telly. I thought I was having a nightmare!”

So did I. The car taking me to the studio was late and my […]

Rumba and Eggs

Strictly was like Old MacDonald’s Farm last night. If only Andrew Castle could have laid that egg, then he could have tucked in his rear end and got on with the dancing. Good job he never won Wimbledon. If he can’t lift Olla (who weighs less than a puff of fairy breath) over his head […]

Radio Bath

I bought a Roberts bath radio from John Lewis. Could there ever be a problem with that combo of quality and service ? Will this post be remotely interesting ? Yes to both.

The first time I used the radio the aerial snapped in two which meant although it was me who was underwater in […]

Strictly Sulking

So Jessie Wallop is over and out. If the BBC offered a glitter ball for sulking she’d surely win it. Jessie is a warning to us all that straight fringes make you look psychotic and that being generally cross and desperate gets you nowhere. Someone should have explained that on Strictly Come Dancing you’re paid […]

Hilaria Bulgaria

I paid the balance on our family ski trip to Bulgaria today. It’s left me mentally unbalanced. I can’t fly, can’t ski and there ain’t a big enough pair of ski trousers anywhere in Europe to cover my ass for the duration. Why oh why did it seem like such a brilliant idea in February […]

Richard and Jackie and Me

Another day, another BBC radio interview. This time it was Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 being stood in for by Mathew Bannister. In the pre interview waiting room I was cool calm and collected until my sofa filled up with Jackie Collins who was there promoting her new soon to be blockbuster ‘Married Lovers’ and […]

Strictly Sinnita

NO ! I spent over £20 in telephone calls voting for Gary Rhodes on Saturday night but I must have been alone in my fervour because he ended up the bottom two, and now he is gone forever.

He jived like an amnesiac having a tantrum and I thought his partner Karen Hardy looked unashamedly […]