Let’s Dance……

  I’m launching my blog with a Strictly Come Dancing theme, so it’s nice to see you, to see you etc,  and you are all my favourites. Cha-cha-cha-ing into this, my virgin cyber chat, will set the tone/tune of my blog nicely.  And by starting lowbrow there’s always a possibility that with enough fish oil and sequins I might soar upwards and maybe end up discussing books and plays and paintings in later blogs. Perhaps I could even interpret them through the medium of dance ?  
So. let’s high kick off with a Strictly Come Dancing Quiz.

Question 1 -Which contestant looks like a jiving toilet brush ?

Question 2 – Which contestant looks like he’s out on day release from his middle aged offenders hostel?

 Question 3 – Which contestant moves like a sofa?

The answers are:  Gary Rhodes.

 I feel for gruesome, gyrating Gary. My dancing style involves thumbs pointing up (a la hitching a ride style) combined with manic ‘I hope no-one notices me’ darting glances. Or, my piece de resistance is sitting in a wine and beer puddle on the dance floor waving my arms and ass about to ‘Oooops Upside Your Head’.
I daydream that this Saturday it  will be me on the Strictly dance floor in a spray on glittery catsuit with scary hair – head not facial. Add one, all man, champion dancer to haul me through my moves and I could be someone. Be someone.

4 comments to Let’s Dance……

  • Hello Anna, Great news that this blog is up and running, much success with it. In love and peace, C

  • Desmond & Cathy Cavanagh

    Well done Anna May, best wishes for your future success!

  • Julie Pereira

    Love your website and your virgin blog. I want to know why a “blog” is called a “blog” as I don’t really get the whole idea of it.

    As for Strictly Come Dancing, I’ve just discovered the series and think it’s brilliant. I want legs like Lisa Snowdon, Cherie Lunghi’s shimmery dresses and Tessa Daly to stop gooning. Len’s my favourite judge and I think Heather’s going to win. Does this mean I’m an official “blogger”?!

  • Debbie Mohess

    Brilliant first blog! I look forward to reading many more them.

    I would like to say that my answer to the first question would have been Jellie Wallace and not necessarily Gary Rhodes…